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Thanchathon Kunlasut is the owner and manager of Jade Tiger Spa 

She is a Traditional Thai Masseuse who strongly believes in the curative value of traditional Thai massage.

This is because of her own experience of being paralyzed and then being healed by massage when all other orthodox treatments had failed. 

Thanchathon is a firm believer in natural healing and traditional Thai massage only involves the use of oils, no drugs or other physical intervention is needed. It was this fact that made her interested in Thai massage. She wanted to know how it could be so effective without using the tools of western medicine.

So Than studied the theory of traditional Thai massage, balanced with the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water in and surrounding the body. She continued to do this successfully and she is proud of her record of healing many different ailments in the clients she has treated.

For her she feels it is unfortunate that Thai massage now has a somewhat tarnished reputation, but she can only extend her knowledge to her customers and show that the real thing is truly a genuine curative process.

Than as she likes to be called is a true healer of a genuine art form of traditional healing. She welcomes you all her customers new and old to her Spa Jade Tiger.

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